ISMST (International Society for Medical Shockwave Treatment)

Allied Societies

Cooperation with National Societies

In the year 2017 ISMST MB approved a discount to the managing board members of the National Societies to become members of the ISMST.

Most National Societies are very active and offer ESWT education in their own country and ask for the ISMST endorsement for their ICC Instructional Courses.

The ISMST Managing Board in Auckland 2018 decided that National Societies are invited to ask the ISMST for the endorsement and educational cooperation with the recommendations as follow:

➢ Organization of ICCs in cooperation with ISMST;

➢ Minimum of two ISMST Official Instructors;

➢ Following the rules of ISMST including ISMST membership of all MB members of National Societies;

➢ The National Societies shall avoid meetings at the same time of ISMST events and the ISMST MB recommends not to have those events conflicting in time and location with ISMST events.

Dr. José Eid

ISMST General Secretary

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