ISMST (International Society for Medical Shockwave Treatment)


Dear Members of the ISMST,

after extended discussions with leading experts and epidemiologists, we came to the conclusion that the chances to be able to have an (at least partial) “live” Congress would be significant higher later in the year. As most of the participants are medical professionals the chances that they will get vaccination till November should be quite high. Travelling should be easier later in the year and the necessity for quarantines should decrease.
After consulting the organizing committee we could offer 4th to 5th November,2021.

So I proposed this date to all members of the Managing Board and they agreed to postpone the

23rd ISMST-Congress to 4th to 5th November, 2021.

This is now the final date and no more changes are possible. We will hold the congress at this date, whatever the circumstances. We will monitor the development very carefully and decide end of the summer if the congress will be live, virtual, or a mix of the two. Depending on the situation we will also decide if the ISMST-Certification-Courses can be performed. All conditions stay the same only the date is changed.

I hope you appreciate this decision of the Managing Board, which increases the chances to hold a live Congress.

Looking forward to welcoming you in Vienna in person,

best regards



23rd ISMST Congress Vienna, Austria 2021

6th Basic Research Meeting

probably spring 2022 in Madrid, Spain