ISMST (International Society for Medical Shockwave Treatment)



I’m really delighted in welcoming all the members of the ISMST, colleagues and partners, to the XX’th Congress of the I.S.M.S.T. to be held in San Sebastian, Spain, between June the 22’th and 24’th of 2017. I’m doing this not only as President of the I.S.M.S.T., but also on behalf of the Spanish Society of Shockwave Treatments S.E.T.O.C., which also supports and organizes this Congress.

Following the tradition of the I.S.M.S.T. we’ll have an excellent scientific program comprising the latest advances, indications and applications of the Shockwave Treatments, developed by scientists and physicians from all over the world.

We’ll get there also the I.S.M.S.T. ICC Course, the Certification Course of the I.S.M.S.T., the most prestigious shockwave course of the world, where all the basic and pragmatic aspects of these treatments will be exposed, analyzed and discussed with the participation of the official instructors of the ISMST. Applicants, after approving the subsequent exam, will receive the correspondent ISMST Certification Diploma.

Exceptionally, this year we are going to have a simultaneous translation English-Spanish and vice versa in both events, the ICC and the Congress.

San Sebastian, founded in 1180, is a beautiful medium-size city located on the seashore of the north of Spain, in the Basque country, very close to the border with France. It has three fantastic sandy beaches where tanning or having a dip at sea is a fantastic experience, and an excellent commercial, touristic, cultural and gastronomical infrastructure. During 2016 it has been the European Capital of the Culture.

San Sebastian is famous worldwide because of its gastronomy: the basque cuisine, the “pintxos” (culinary art in miniature) and the quality of the restaurants, several of them ranking among the finest of the world.  

All this offer can be augmented visiting its surroundings, such as the beaches, landscapes and gastronomy of towns like Zarautz, Guetaria and Hondarribia; Zestoa with the Ekain’s prehistoric painting cave; Zumaia with its Geologic Park of the Flysh; Bilbao with its Guggenhein Museum; Pamplona and Nabarre; and the French Basque Country with Biarritz and Bayonne as renowned cities.

The People is friendly and helpful, the Weather is usually good in that season, Gastronomy awaits you, the scientific Program is outstanding!  Everything is waiting for you to come!

We are working hard to make you this Congress unforgettable!

I’m looking forward to seeing you here!

Dr. Jose Ramon Aranzabal M.D., Ph.D.
President of the I.S.M.S.T.