ISMST (International Society for Medical Shockwave Treatment)


Welcome - haere mai!

It is with great pleasure that the ISMST managing board and I announce a highly successful 20th International Congress concluded in San Sebastian. The managing board thanks each participant, and industry partners for making San Sebastian a wonderful and memorable success. Congratulations Dr. Jose Ramon Aranzabal and the Scientific Committee for organising a congress with lectures, presentations, discussions, and an international certification course of excellent quality. The social events organised in San Sebastian were in a class of its own, and I am sure that it will remain in our fondest memory for a lifetime. 

After over 20 years since its inception, the ISMST and its partners remain leaders in the expansion, research, and interdisciplinary collaboration of regenerative shockwave science and medicine, paving the way into the future. The International Certification Course (ICC) offered by the ISMST remains the global 'Gold Standard' for shockwave education and certification. Our ICC provides the highest level of professional insight, expertise, practical clinical application, and networking to all participants, and we envision this to continue in the ICC programme conducted in Auckland 2018.

It is my sincere honour and pleasure to invite all our existing and prospective members, to the 21st ISMST Congress to be held in Auckland, New Zealand from the 11th - 14th April 2018. Our Congress theme 'The Age of Regenerative Shockwave Medicine' will discuss current and future trends in regenerative shockwave medicine, while completing a documentary being adapted for National Geographic titled: 'Shockwaves: Destruction to Regenerative Medicine'. Come and be a part of medical and shockwave history!

ISMST Auckland 2018 will have a specific International Certification Course run on April 11, to ensure adequate practical and specific hands-on training for each participant. Our congress proper will be held on the 12th - 14th of April, with internationally renowned speakers (Prof. Peter Bruckner; Prof. Jill Cook), as well as highly selective presentations to ensure a broad spectrum of clinically relevant scientific exchange and discussion. ISMST Auckland 2018 will discuss the latest research and clinical application of medical shockwave treatment in regenerative medicine, sports medicine, bone, rehabilitation, wounds, and interventions in ageing. Key topics include: mechanobiology (cellular communication), stem cells, inflammation, immunology, osteogenesis, tendogenesis, musculogenesis, wound, and aesthetics.

New Zealand boasts many wonders and will be exceptionally rewarding for all our international delegates. New Zealand is the top 10 most desired global travel destination, and is rated among the most liveable countries in the world. Come share cutting edge research and science; 'The Age of Regenerative Shockwave Medicine', and the filming of 'Shockwaves: Destruction to Regenerative Medicine' with us. Looking forward to meeting all of you in the spectacular beauty of New Zealand (Aotearoa) - The Land of the Long White Cloud.


Kenneth Craig S. Vincent
President of the I.S.M.S.T


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