ISMST (International Society for Medical Shockwave Treatment)

Dear Members of the ISMST,

as you all know, unfortunately we could not hold our annual congress in 2020 due to the pandemic. Thus, the main source of income for the Society was lost and the running costs had to be covered. In order to keep the financial basis of the Society on a secure footing in the future, the Board has proposed to the AGM to increase the annual membership fee to € 130, which was unanimously accepted. From now on also the members of the board will pay the annual membership fee. In addition, it was also decided that from now on an entrance fee of € 100.- for new members is to be paid, whereby the annual membership in the first year is reduced by 50% (€ 65.-): thus the annual membership in the first year amounts to € 165.-. If the annual membership fee is not paid for 2 years, the entrance fee will be due again.

In the name of the board I ask for your understanding for this measure, which should guarantee the financial independence of our society in the future.

Your president

Wolfgang Schaden, MD, adj. Prof.


VI ISMST Basic Research Meeting