ISMST (International Society for Medical Shockwave Treatment)

President's Message


Dear Friends and Members of the ISMST,

            My vision as the incumbent president is primarily concentrated and focused on the XXI International Congress held for April 11th - 14th 2018, in Auckland. The Instructional Certifcation Course (ICC) will be held on April 11th, while the Congress will run for the 12th - 14th. Our panel of speakers this year includes our expert panel of shockwave investigators providing greater elucidation of the latest and future direction of shockwave medicine, as well as a guest panel of highly recognised speakers. Prof. Jill Cook is an internationally acclaimed author, editor and speaker on tendinopathies; Prof. Peter Bruckner is a globally recognised sports physician (Liverpool FC, Cricket NZ, Medical Adviser FIFA), and the author of the best selling textbook on Sports Medicine; and Prof. Bruce Twaddle recently returned to New Zealand after serving as Professor at the Orthopaedic Dept. University of Washington. Bruce is the Head of Orthopaedic Trauma at Auckland & Christchurch Hospital, and lectures at the University of Auckland. My vision for inviting specialists from outside the shockwave fraternity, is to provide a wider platform for interaction and expansion of our vision and mission as an international society, providing a wider platform for promoting the best shockwave science. (

Over the past months since last ISMST International Congress in San Sebastian, I have been extremely busy with both international and national engagements. One of the highlights was attending the Chinese Shockwave Congress held in Beijing in December, 2017. It was an excellent congress organised by Prof. Xing (incoming ISMST President), and was attended by over a thousand delegates. The XXII ISMST Congress in Beijing will be phenomenal in every sense of the word, and add to the wellbeing of the ISMST!

It is my hope that many of you will attend ISMST XXI Auckland, 2018. New Zealand is a beautiful country that will make the trip worth your while. My thanks to everyone who has helped and volunteered their time in organising and moderating so many activities related with the ISMST. These are people behind the scenes who help the ISMST function. Special mention to Silvia Ramon, Catherine Auerspeg, and Claudia Sartori who are continuously working to ensure that we have a functioning society. In closing, I wish all our dear members and families the fullest of success and blessing in the coming years ahead.

Kenneth Craig Vincent

President ISMST