ISMST (International Society for Medical Shockwave Treatment)

ISMST San Sebastian 2017 Final Report






We celebrated the XX’th ISMST Congress on June 21’st-24’th at San Sebastian.

We had the support of the Health Departments, Governmental, Regional and Local

Institutions, and all the authorities. The most relevant scientific Societies, as the Spanish Orthopaedic Surgeons Society (SECOT) and the Spanish Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Society (SERMEF) also gave us their auspice and support.

The Scientific Programme was composed of two principal events: the ISMST Certification Course, ICC, held on June the 21’st, and the XX’th ISMST Congress which took place between June the 22’nd and 24’th.

The ICC was divided in 12 lessons with two workshops and a final examination. The Congress was organized in 12 sections with 12 Keynote Speeches, 60 Podium Presentations and 24 Posters.


Previously to the Congress we held the I.S.M.S.T. Managing Board Meeting on June the 20’th. The Special Guest of this Congress was Mrs. Eva Thiele, who was paid a heartfelt

homage for her husband contribution to the ISMST, receiving a commemorative plaque and the affection and gratitude from all of us. Dr. Roser Garreta, Dr. Achim Loske, Dr. Mikel Sanchez and Dr. Nicola Maffulli were also Guests of the Congress. The latter also were Keynote Speakers, altogether with Dr. Werner Schwarze, joining our dear colleagues and friends Dr. Mathias De la Fuente, Dr. Daniel Moya, Dr. Hannes Müller-Ehrenberg, Dr. Sergio Russo, Dr. Johannes Holfeld, Dr. Wolfgang Schaden and Dr. Ludger Gerdesmeyer.

5 Best Work on ESWT Basic Research Awards were given to:

  • Next-generation sequencing identifies articular cartilage and subchondral bone miRNAs after ESWT on early

    osteoarthritis knee. Cheng, Jai-Hong; Wang, Ching-Jen; Su, Chi-Hao; Huang, Chieng-Yu; Hsu, Shan-Ling,

    from Kaohsiung (Taiwan).

  •  Enhancement of tenogenic differentiation of human adipose stem cells by extracorporeal shock waves.

    Berta Laura, Rinella Letizia, Marano Francesca, Fraccalvieri Marco, Fortunati Nicoletta, Catalano Maria Graziella,

    Frairia Roberto, from Torino (Italy).

  • miR-19a-3p containing exosomes improve cardiac function in ischemic myocardium Pölzl L, Graber M, Hirsch J,

    Lobenwein D, Zipperle J, Blumer M, Kirchmair E, Kirchmair R, Paulus P, Davidson S, Grimm M, Holfeld J,

    Tepeköylü C., from Innsbruck (Austria).

  • Shockwave induce angiogenesis via exosome release Graber M, Pölzl L, Lobenwein D, Graber M, Blumer M,


    Kirchmair R, Paulus P, Davidson S, Grimm M, Tepeköylü C, Holfred J, from Innsbrick (Austria).

  • Shock wave treatment of muscle (stem) cells – a new implementation for regeneration Christiane Fuchs,


    Anna Weihs, Dorota Szwarc, Rainer Mittermayr, Dominik Rünzler, Andreas Teuschl, from Vienna (Austria).

The Best Presentation Award of the Congress was given to:

  • Shockwave treatment reduces neuronal degeneration upon spinal cord ischemia and

    improves function in a first-in-man trial. Can Tepeköylü, Felix Nägele, Daniela Lobenwein,

    Angela An, Michael Graber, Jakob Hirsch, Leo Pölzl, Elke Kirchmair, Michael Grimm,

    Johannes Holfeld, from Innsbruck (Austria).


Dr. Carlos Leal, Dr. Wolfgang Schaden and Dr. Daniel Moya, in recognition of their merits, received their Diplomas as Honorary Members of the Spanish Society of Medical Shockwave Treatments (SETOC).


Our 1’st Vice President Kenneth Craig D. Vincent and 2’nd Vice President Dr. Geng Yan Xing were very active and didn’t go unnoticed during the Congress, paying attention to all the details in order to prepare their future Congresses.


Finally, the Took-over Ceremony took place receiving Kenneth Craig D. Vincent the Txapela and the Command Staff as New President of the ISMST for the 2017-2018 period of time, until the next XXI’st ISMST has been celebrated. We all wished him good luck and offered our unconditional help to bring about a bright and fruitful mandate and a successful Auckland Congress.

We counted also with an attractive Social Programme with a Welcome Cena Española at the Hotel de Londres,

a Presidential Dinner at the Kursaal Convention Center


and a Farewell Lunch at Petritegui Cider House on Saturday.