ISMST (International Society for Medical Shockwave Treatment)

Editorial eNewsletter


The Art and Science of Shockwave Treatment

Dr Kandiah Raveendran

ISMST as the only truly international shockwave society had its 20th Annual Congress in San Sebastian in June 2017. We are now a matured society and the leader in the art and science of Shockwave Treatment (ESWT).

The Managing Board has decided to publish this first issue of the ISMST E Newsletter. This will be send out not only to our members but to as many others as we possibly can, to disseminate the latest news about shockwave treatment. Sadly the medical fraternity at large still poorly understands ESWT, in spite of several RCTs and basic science publications in highly rated journals.

We hope to continue this E Newsletter and maybe it will be a prelude to a full-fledged Journal of Shockwave Treatment.

The newsletter starts of with the President’s Message. Dr Kenneth Craig has been working tirelessly to organize the 21st Annual ISMST Congress in Auckland, New Zealand. In his message he has briefly described what we can expect in Auckland.

We also have a full report from Dr Jose Ramon Aranzabal, the Past President who organized a very successful congress in San Sebastian where we had 341 participants. Dr Aranzabal has not only given a comprehensive account of the congress and social events, but also the feedback from the participants, which will be of immense value to future presidents.

Although the annual congress is the main activity of the society, we are also focused on the art and science of shockwave treatment. Dr Cristina d’Agostino and Dr Raveendran have prepared comments on a few chosen articles in the literature section. We have also included an article on ‘Current Concepts’ from the JBJS by a few of our ISMST active members.

Dr Silvia Ramon who is our communication coordinator has included snippets of ISMST news and also a calendar of future shockwave congresses.


It is a great honour for me to be the editor of this first ISMST E Newsletter. We hope to continue and for future issues we will solicit for articles from our members. I hope to receive some comments from the readers that can be send to the ISMST office. (