ISMST (International Society for Medical Shockwave Treatment)

Congress Awards


(1) Written works in Word type format with photos interspersed in the text, will be admitted to opt to the award, including the following sections:

  •         Abstract
  •         Introduction
  •         Material and methods
  •         Results
  •         Discussion
  •         Conclusions
  •         Bibliography
  •         Preferably in case of RCT, registration number

(2)  the  subject  of  the  work  must  be  basic  research  or  clinical  studies  on shockwave treatments.

(3)   the work must be original and may have been published in peer reviewed journals within the last two years and shouldn’t be considered for another prize.

(4) the work cannot contain direct information regarding the authors, where it’s been done, or area of intervention neither.

(5) the first author must be member of the ISMST, prior to the presentation of the work, or prospective member, and will receive the award when completing its membership.

(6) the work must be presented, also, as a communication to the Congress.

They always should be included, essentially, three different files:

A - Abstract, where the MOTTO or slogan of the work will be included without any  data  from authors or center of the author  or  authors  which might  provide data from them neither.

B - Complete work, with the title taken from the motto chosen by the authors, without data of authors or workplace of the author or authors neither. To make references  that  could  identify  the  authors  or  to  their  work  centers  will  be prevented, otherwise that will be considered as a reason of rejection of the work in their candidacy to the award.

C - authors / motto / rapporteur (in this file itself are included the authors with the motto of the work.)


The works opting to an Award must be sent by e-mail to the ISMST Secretaries
before February 28th 2020.

(7) the Award Scientific Committee of the ISMST will evaluate the works and will issue the result
of the final decision.

(8)  the  decision  of  the  Scientific  Committee  will  be  unappealable.  Preventing any  conflict  of interest,  a  member  of  the  Committee  will  never  assess  those papers who has advised or participated as co-author.

(9) the Awards will consist of 4 prices of an ISMST Award Diploma and a bank- check for an amount of:

Basic Awards (experimental studies):

  •     1st place: 1000 €
  •     2nd place: 500 €

Clinical practice Awards (clinical studies):

  •     1st place: 1000 €
  •     2nd place: 500 €

(10)  In  case  of  no-attendance  of  the  principal  author,  the  award  might  be received  by  another  co-author  of  the  study,  always  being  a  member  of  the ISMST (or prospective member) and being registered at the Congress. If none of the present authors meets with these
conditions, the award will not be given, and will be declared void.