ISMST (International Society for Medical Shockwave Treatment)

Best Presentation Award

“The ISMST Best Presentation Award has been installed by the Managing Board at Mendoza, Argentina on April 15th, 2015” 

The standards of studies and presentations are already quite high, but the ISMST wants to challenge researchers further, to put as much effort as possible into raising the bar even more.So, a new award for best presentation at ISMST Congresses has been launched by the ISMST Managing Board to celebrate the most inspiring, forward-looking and innovative paper presented at the meeting. Authors are encouraged, to explain the ideas and results of their work by effective and professional lectures and slide presentations. 


The award is given on the basis of the quality of the study, the oral presentation and the written abstract. It recognizes the uniqueness of the paper and the excellent presentation based on the communication of the content and the ability of the presenter to inspire and engage the audience.The award is based on the evaluation of the ISMST Managing Board Members at the end of the event. 


Invited speakers presenting papers as keynote lectures will not be eligible for an ISMST Best Presentation Award. All other presentations will be eligible.The award winning presentation will be awarded US $500.00 and will be announced on the ISMST website.