ISMST (International Society for Medical Shockwave Treatment)

Social Events


19.00-22.00 Welcome Cocktail at the Hotel Savoyen | Foyer


19.00 Bus transfer to the Kunsthistorische Museum (Art Historical Museum)

As of 20.00 Networking Dinner

The Kunsthistorische Museum (Art Historical Museum) is located in the center of Vienna at the “Ringstrasse”. Planning of the Ringstrasse began in 1857 and included the project to bring together and show the imperial collections in a grand new building featuring state-of-the-art technical and display facilities. The Emperor also enlarged the plans to create what was known as the “imperial forum”. He envisaged an additional – also symmetrical– pair of buildings aligned with the two museums, each of which featured a semi-circular facade. The building’s internal structure combines two architectural traditions: entrance hall, staircase and cupola hall form a dramatic unit that celebrates the imperial patron and his predecessors. An additional elegant feature is the circular opening in the ceiling of the entrance hall that offers visitors their first glimpse of the cupola hall. Ascending the stairs, visitors pass Antonio Canova’s “Theseus Slaying the Centaur” on their way to the cupola hall, the apex of imperial display. Along this central axis a wealth of neo-baroque decorations create one of the most solemn and splendid interiors of late-nineteenth-century Vienna, probably unrivalled in any other European museum.


19.00 Get-Together at the “Salm-Bräu” Brewery

Welcome to the wonderful world of home-brewed beer specialties according to old recipes, the love of Viennese home cooking and the passion for top distillates from our beers. Welcome to the historic walls with over 450 years of eventful history. Welcome to the Salm Bräu Brewery