ISMST (International Society for Medical Shockwave Treatment)


ISMST Instructional Certification Course

There will be simultaneous translation English - Spanish, and Spanish - English.

Dear Colleagues: On behalf of the ICC Committee, we would be honored if you accept to participate as Instructor in the ICC Course, which will take place next May 23rd in Beijing, China, according to the program and assigned titles here enclosed. We would please ask you to confirm your acceptance and, in this case, to kindly update your presentations within the end of February. It is essential to respect the extension of the presentations: only 2 slides per minute, including title and last slide.

The presentations will be supervised by a scientific committee so that the content is homogenous and represents ESWT evidence and the consensus of the ISMST.

Please submit at least one new multiple-choice (4 answers) question and answer for the exam.

Thank you very much for your contribution to this new ICC Edition.

We wish to thank you for your work and collaboration.

Please, feel free to contact us for any questions or concerns.

Looking forward to see you all in Beijing.

Kindest regards,

Daniel Moya & Brian Wang

Beijing / China, May 23rd, 2019

Organization: Dr. W. Schaden (Austria)/ Dr. D. Moya (Argentina)/Dr. Brian Wang (China)

Program: 08.00h – 16.30h
8:00 Introduction 10’
(GY Xing / China, W. Schaden / Austria)
8:10 Physical Principles 20’
(V. Auersperg / Austria)
8:35 Biological Principles 20’
(W. Schaden / Austria)
9:00 Basic Principles of Shockwave Application 15’
(J. Eid / Brazil)
9:20 Demonstration of devices 20’
(Representatives of the companies)
9:45 Break 15’
10:00 Approved Standard Indications 1: Calcifying Tendinopathy of the Shoulder 15’
(D. Moya / Argentina)
10:20 Approved Standard Indications 2: Lateral Epicondylitis 15’
(S. Thiele/ Germany)
10:40 Approved Standard Indications 3: Plantar Fasciitis 10’
(S. Ramón / Spain)
10:55 Approved Standard Indications 4: Patellar tendinopathy 10’
(C. Leal / Colombia)
11:10 Approved Standard Indications 5: Achilles Tendinopathy 15’
(C. d'Agostino / Italy)
11:30 Approved Standard Indications 6: Plantar Fasciitis 15’
(K. Freitag / Spain)
11:50 Workshop 40’
(all instructors, all participants)
12:30 Lunch Break 60’
13:30 Empirically-Tested Indications 15’
(R. Aranzabal / Spain)
13:50 Myofascial Treatment 15’
(H. Müller-Ehrenberg / Germany)
14:10 Bone Indications - Non unions 15’
(W. Schaden / Austria)
14:30 Bone Indications - Avascular necrosis 15’
(GY Xing / China)
14:50 Skin & Aesthetics Indications 15’
(K. Knobloch/ Germany)
15:10 Future Potential of ESWT 10’
(T. Nedělka / Czech Republic)
15:25 ESWT Scientific Evidence 10’
(D. Moya / Argentina)
15:40 Break 15’
15:55 Workshop 40’
(All instructors, all participants)
16:35 Socio-Political and Economic Issues 10’
(K. Raveendran / Malaysia)
16:50 Multiple Choice Test - Certificates 20’
17:10 End of the Workshop

After each presentation 5 Minutes of discussion